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Our most frequent questions and answers

Like all organizations, there are some times when we are busier than others.

It is not recommended you call the clinic on Mondays, the first of the month or the day after a long weekend (e.g. Tuesday after a holiday on Monday)

In addition, due to complexity of healthcare, calls from patients can sometimes take a long time. 


Prioritize your problems so that your physician can be efficient and complete.  It will help yourself and the patients in the waiting room reduce the time you need to wait to see a doctor. In addition, remember that walk-in services are intended for simple medical problems or prescription refills. Complicated problems should be addressed during a scheduled appointment in our family practice.

No we do not offer walk-in. 

Some medications can be prescribed for a year if no ongoing monitoring is required.  However, most medications require periodic examinations, laboratory tests etc. to ensure you are receiving the full benefit of the medication, and to ensure you are not being harmed by it.

We cannot release results over the phone without your physician’s permission.  If you haven’t arranged this ahead of time you will need to book an appointment to get your results.

Alternatively, many results can be obtained from Alberta’s MyHealth portal

We require written consent from a patient before we release information to another individual. 

No. You can only book with your own doctor.

However, if you have a family doctor at Dominion one of your doctor’s colleagues will see you in clinic as part of our After Hours Care commitment. Call for details. 

Yes. Per provincial regulations, an original copy of your provincial health insurance plan card and valid photo ID are required for all visits. 

This is to prevent medical fraud whereby patients who are not covered by the plan use someone else’s card to obtain care (i.e. they are from another country etc.).

The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan pays for many of the services a patient may receive from his or her doctor.

However, some services are deemed de-listed or not medically necessary by Alberta Health and Wellness (AHS). As such, AHS requires the patient to pay for these services

Yes. Please notify our reception staff of the email address you would like appointment reminders sent to. Please ask reception for a Consent to Use Electronic Communications form if you wish to receive requisitions or medical information via email.

We require 24 hours’ notice for cancellations to give another patient the opportunity to book the slot you cancelled.

Our healthcare system is busy. Therefore, to improve physician accessibility for all patients, there is a $40.00 fee for missed appointments or cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice ($90.00 for medicals).

We recognize some patients are simply unable to pay for un-insured services due to financial constraints or personal circumstances. Examples of individuals who cannot afford to pay for uninsured services include: the unemployed, seniors on fixed incomes and people on AISH or social assistance. These patients may complete an Application for Exemption Form for consideration by our Community Support Committee. If approved, patients will receive an exemption from payment. Ask reception for an application next time you visit the clinic.

Alberta has reciprocal agreements with all provinces and territories, except Quebec, for insured physician services. If you are in Alberta but are a resident of Quebec, your visit is not covered by your provincial health plan, and you will have to pay for your visit up front. Speak to reception for more details.

Alberta Health and Wellness limits full physicals to one per 365 days. 

For example, if you have your medical on March 23, you are eligible for your your next full physical medical after March 23 the following year.

Before refilling your prescription, your physician will perform a comprehensive review of your medications, lab work, and recent test results. Using this information your doctor will determine if the medication is still appropriate for your condition and may change your dose, medication or even order more tests.  

Wait times for appointments vary by specialty and can range greatly for certain elective procedures. Specialists triage referrals on a case-by-case basis and book appointments according to urgency rather than on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Once your referral is accepted by the specialist’s office an estimated wait time may be provided based on current referral volumes, clinic time, surgeon availability and operating room time.

Wait times provided are approximate and can fluctuate. Should you experience any worsening symptoms while waiting to see a specialist, please book an appointment with your family doctor for reassessment.

You can visit the Primary Care Network (PCN) website  or find one through the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSA) or call the CPSA at 1-800-561-3899 to locate available doctors accepting new patients.